Policies And Procedures

1) You are agreeing to pay the instructor for each class upon arrival or in advance for scheduled classes.

2)  You agree to the cancellation policy as follows: You may cancel a lesson 24 Hours before it is to be given. In the event that no cancellation is made within the said time frame, your lesson will be forfeited and you are responsible to pay for that class as if it took place. 

3) If you cancel 24 Hours in advance, you are entitled to make up that lesson if you already paid for it. Or, you can simply reschedule for your next scheduled appointment.

4) If the instructor should cancel a class you will be notified by phone, or an answering machine message. The class will be rescheduled for the next time we have agreed to meet. The cost of the class remains the same as we have agreed to pay per class.

Refunds: If you have paid for classes in advance and instruction is cancelled you are entitled to a refund for classes that have not yet taken place only if you have given more than 24 hour notice of canceling said classes. There are NO refunds for classes that have already taken place and for classes that were scheduled to take place with less than 24 hours notice of cancellation. 

Poolside Manner: It is imperative that children follow all safety rules in and around the pool. No running or horseplay. Screaming, and foul language is not permitted. Quiet speaking voices are expected.

Child Supervision: Parents are expected to be poolside during lessons. Unsupervised children will be removed from the pool until parent/guardian returns (If this results in the student losing time of instruction, it will be at the parent’s/guardian’s cost). If a lesson is taking place before you, please wait outside of the pool area until the instructor asks you to enter as a courtesy to the student before you.

Food and Drink: No gum, candy, snacks, food, or drinks are permitted in or around the pool area. Please give your child these items in the car before you enter the facility, or at some other time.  

Any further questions or concerns may be directed toward Ultimate Swim Experience, LLC. by phone, fax, or email. 

Failure to follow policy and procedures will result in Ultimate Swim Experience, LLC. cancelling your lessons with NO refund. THANK YOU!